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Visa is transforming the way we shop and pay through billions of connected devices.

Connected devices have forever changed the way we shop and pay, as more consumers prefer digital payments in both the physical and online worlds. We have entered a world in which connectivity and commerce are not just available, but expected on every device.  

Visa has been preparing for a future that looks very different from today. Payments will be at the core of this new commerce experience, enabled not just by connected devices (cars, phones, home appliances) – but also experiences, where they will become more seamless and contextual. 

The number of IoT enabled devices is expected to reach 20.8 billion by 2020 (Gartner), providing a huge opportunity for secure payments to be a featured in just about any form factor. 

This next phase of payments is being driven in large part by mobile technology and new flexible and open payment technologies that enable the creation of innovative, new ways to pay. It is also driven by changing consumer behavior, which is embracing mobile technology as a new way to pay, be paid and better manage their finances.

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